theharudiaries-deactivated20140 asked:
Hey I have a question, I'm not sure if you will know the answer or not but do you know if there is a website for BWCW? :) x BTW keep up the good work on the blog, it amazing!

Hello. Thank you. :) As far as I know, no there is not. You can check out official source such as OUT LAB’s Facebook Page Btw, please note that this kind of shop (‘pop up’ store) is all about store experience and meant to incite people to visit, hence the lack of online presence/shopping.

kriseulips asked:
Hi, could please tell us about what brand exo's wearing in the Growl teaser picture? Thank you so much :)

It’s in the making. Will be posted soon. :)

dekakat asked:
HI I just found your blog and I love it! I was wondering if you could tell me about kris's outfit in this pic fy-exo(.)com/post/56124408050 I've been searching for it, thats how I found this cool blog^^ Sorry to bother you, Thank you!

Hi! Inspired by the movie ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’, the outfit is from Christopher Kane’s Fall 2013 menswear collection. See Style I.D.

pizzakai asked:
do you sell?

Sorry but the EXO Style does not sell EXO stuffs.

ohmeon asked:
yooo i need updates!! they've been wearing the most awesome clothes these days! (i am a huge fan of your blog!!!)

Posts coming your way REAL SOON! I know right! EXO and their Styles these days!… o<-< Thank you for following ^ ^/

berlmay asked:
Are you not updating anymore?

The admin has been on a break and is back! Apologies for not updating for so long.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So many things happening while I was away, please kindly bear with me. Posts to be resumed soon!

chirpytogether asked:
Thankyou so much for all the work & effort you put into running EXO Style :) I've fallen in love with their unique style & Thanks to you I have been able to purchase many items worn by the members! ♡♡♡

Daebak! It’s really touching to hear some followers have found what they want through this blog. Thank you! ;A;

alpakais asked:
i love love love love your blog so much! i actually ended up buying something of kai's because it was featured on this blog hehe but anyway, i was wondering if you know the phones that the members use~

Thank you! Great to hear that this blog has been useful! :D

At the time of posting the EXO members have the following handphones*:


  • Chan Yeol: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Se Hun: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Kai: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Baek Hyun: Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Su Ho: Samsung Galaxy S 3
  • Chen: Samsung Galaxy S 3


  • Xiu Min: iPhone 5
  • Lu Han: iPhone 5
  • Kris: iPhone 5
  • Tao: iPhone 5
  • Lay: iPhone 5
  • D.O.: iPhone 5

* This info is based solely on observation from fan taken pictures. Advise if wrong and the list will be amended.

denimstuddedleather asked:
I love EXO's style, so therefore I love this blog. Everything they wear feels so close because they wear so many stuff that's popular where I live, including some of my 'local' brands. Anyhow, thank you :)

Thanks a lot!! Agree, through the ‘Wolf Era’ the boys have been wearing a lot of internationally reknown brands, which is a good thing since fans can relate to. :)

caffes asked:
Personally, who do you think dresses the best out of all the members?

It’s impossible to choose the ‘best’. ;~; All of EXO members dress well! They each have a little something that make their style unique.

rieanahmusic asked:
Question: The clothes that EXO wear when they are travelling, do they personally belong to the boys or are they sponsored? I know there are some that was gifted from fans but, DANG!! Our boys be balling!!! t(ツ)_/¯

Similar to many other artists, the boys’ outfits are supervised by their stylists so they always look their best. Depending on the purpose of the travel (job-related or personal trip), the boys might be wearing a combination of fan gifted items, their own clothing and others. The latter are not necessarily sponsored and are provided by their stylists. Hope it helps a little. :)

lensoi asked:
I really really really love your blog Ọ_Ọ really. Do you know where I can find hoodie that looks alike their wolf hoodie?

Thank you so so so much! ♥ All wolf clothing items worn by EXO were designed and meant solely for their stage performances. These are provided by the company. (However, you might find some fan merchandise sites which sell unofficial wolf hoodies..)

fairytaeily asked:
fy-exo(.)com/post/53632721135 do you know what brand those shirts are and where I can find them? thank you!

They are from SUGAPOINT. Check Style I.D. for more info. :)

rnenagerie asked:
thank you so much for running this blog! how do you guys find out all this stuff? i love how exo are styled in this era and i'm so glad you guys can bring it all to us and tell us what they wore :3

The trick is tostan follow EXO ;) Thank you so much! Your kind words are appreciated ♥ ㅠㅠ

littlekade asked:
Do you know where to buy those bandanas they wore at the airport? Thanks

Check Style I.D. The other boys wore a different design.